Amp Projects and Other Tidbits
by Lawson Summerrow, W4EMF
These are NOT construction articles nor are they detailed modifications. They are presented to illustrate how, with a little work and ingenuity, you can build or retrofit an amp or other project and achieve results which rival new commercial equipment. Please don't ask for specific details on these projects. Lawson was nice enough to allow the reproduction here but only on the condition that I ask you not to bombard him with questions about them. All pictures and illustrations of these projects are the sole property of Lawson Summerrow, W4EMF, and no license or permission is granted to use or reproduce them in any way. All pictures and illustrations are used here with the permission of W4EMF. Thanks, Tony W4ZT.
Unusal problems encountered in amplifiers
GS-31B Disected
3CPX5000A7 / YC156 Disected
Keyer Paddles
Power Supply Cabinet Construction
2010 - MLA-2500 Retrofit using the GI-7B
2008 - MLA-2500 Retrofit using the 3CX800
2008 - MLA-2500 Retrofit using the GI-7B
2005 - MLA-2500 Retrofit using the 3CX800
2003-5 - Beautiful Homebrew GS-35B Amp
2003 - Clipperton L Retrofit using the GI-7b
2002 - GLA-1000 Retrofit using the GI-7b
2001 - Drake L4B Retrofit using three GI-7B tubes
2001 - MLA-2500 Retrofit using the GI-7B
2001 - Clipperton QRO Retrofit using the GI-7B
1999 - MLA-1200 Retrofit to a 3CX800
1997 - Beautiful 813 Amp with 3 tubes
1996 - Two different Drake L4B Retrofits using a single 8877 in each one
1983 - 4 tube 4-400 Amp later converted to use 3-500s
1980 - 2 tube 4-400 Amp
1978 - single 4-1000 (or 3-1000) Amp
1976 - 2 tube 4-400 Amp
No, this wasn't Lawson, he was only 12 at the time, but an interesting find no less.