W4EMF Power Supply Cabinet Construction
This is NOT a construction article. Please don't ask for specific details on this project. Lawson was nice enough to allow its reproduction here but only on the condition that I ask you not to bombard him with questions about it. All pictures and illustrations of this project are the sole property of Lawson, W4EMF, and no license or permission is granted to use or reproduce them. All pictures and illustrations are used here with the permission of W4EMF. Thanks, Tony W4ZT.
This is the simple approach to building a heavy duty cabinet ( 6 pieces total).  Bottom piece has four bends. End plates have three bends.  Front and back plates have one bend.  The top is flat.  Very few bends, some mitered corners and several screws and tapped holes.  The top can be removed and three sides if necessary for maintenance.  Material was .080  cold rolled sheet metal.  Gold finish is Chromate.  Black is semi-flat black KRYLON (TM)